Authors: Mari Wigham

Source: SPARQL endpoint


Dutch Broadcast Concert Collection

Exploring live concerts on Dutch television and radio

The Dutch Broadcast Concert Collection (Dutch name MOZ - Muziekopnamen Zendgemachtigden) contains recordings of concerts broadcast live by Dutch public service broadcasters, and metadata describing the recordings, including related persons.

The concerts span a time range from 1934 through to the present day. Note that the data point in 1900 comes from a concert that cannot be more precisely dated than to the twentieth century.

Persons in the collection either performed music, or created it, or were simply mentioned in the concert metadata. The donut chart above shows that most of the persons included in the collection have the role of performer (linked to concerts with the property byArtist).

This graph shows the top five most frequently occurring creators in the concert collection. International classical composers such as Beethoven and Mozart are mixed with modern musicians such as Jean-Pierre Gabriël, who conducts multiple orchestras in the Netherlands, Ron Ford, a Dutch-American composer, and Myrthe van Dijk, who composed songs for the iconic 'Kinderen voor Kinderen' youth choir.

Plotting the top ten performers reveals that the collection has an emphasis on music performed by orchestras, choirs and ensembles. Dolf van der Linden, a Dutch conductor, and Marinus Voorberg, a Dutch conductor and pianist, also feature in the top ten.

All concerts are under copyright. They were produced by a variety of production companies

The production companies reflect the diversity of the collection. From Omroep MAX, a public service broadcaster that serves older viewers, to Mojo Concerts, an important concert promotor in the Netherlands.