Global Education and Learning


Global Education and Learning

GEL is a database in Global Education and Learning

Global Education Digest provides a reasoned bibliography of academic and research materials relevant to the field of global education, as defined in the Maastricht Global Education Declaration (2002). This multilingual database currently covers material that has been recently published in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovakian, and Spanish.

The research platform provides visibility and recognition to the GE community. It serves as a work instrument not only for researchers, but also for policy makers and practitioners, as the presence of languages other than English and grey literature constitute important elements that broaden the GE community.


Contribute to GEL

You can contribute to the GEL database in several ways

  1. Add a new bibliographic resource to the database, following the editorial guidelines. After saving the record, we will review it and contact you to follow up your contribution.

  2. Visit the ANGEL network website and join (for free) the GEL community of researchers and practitioners.

  3. Join one of the linguist teams working on the annual Multilingual Digest on Global Education and Learning. Contact us via email.

Thank you for your interest in GEL database activities.