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Paolo Bufalini’s notebook Scholarly Semantic Digital Edition (SSDE) project is based on the notebook of handwritten notes by Paolo Bufalini, member of the Italian Communist Party, latinist and translator.

Between 1981 and 1991, Bufalini kept a private notebook which he titled Appunti 1981–1991 (transl. Notes 1981–1991). The contents of the notebook reflect Bufalini's intellectual and social life: excerpts from literary works, personal notes and comments, narrations of events, unpublished translations from Latin into Italian. Given the private nature of the notebook, the relationships between the various textual components (text-text, text-comment, text-translation, translation-translation) are not explicitly declared. The same applies to the sources of the cited texts. Due to its complexity in terms of conceptualisation, Paolo Bufalini’s notebook has been chosen as a starting point on which to elaborate a non-linear reading.

The project resulted in a Semantic Scholarly Digital Edition (SSDE) web application which aims to provide tools to access, browse, visualise, study and preserve the notebook and to contextualise it in a semantically-rich and metatextual framework.

The project documentation is organised as follows:

  • Project objectives - This section introduces the specific objectives underlying the SSDE project.
  • Methodology - This section explains the methodology used to develop the SSDE web application. Specifically, the development workflow and the reused data models.
  • RDF dataset components - This section explains the structure of the RDF graph by dividing it into a series of smaller models.
  • web application development - This section explains the various steps to develop the SSDE web application.
  • Filters for semantic queries - This section illustrates the main SSDE web application features in terms of user interaction and data visualisation, specifically focusing on the design of Filters, a user-friendly tools to access, extract, browse and visualise semantic data.