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Guidelines for creating new records

Contribute to musoW with information on any musical resource you know about (catalogues, datasets, digital editions, etc). Once you submit a record you'll not be allowed to modify it. But don't worry, our editorial board will review your suggestions before publishing the record.

Please, use Chrome, Firefox or Safari!

Tips: Autocompletion

Some fields have autocomplete functionalities! A dropdown pops up while typing, including best candidate matches (powered by Wikidata and musoW).

screenshot entry form autocomplete

If you found a match in the list, click on the item and it will appear below the text area.

match found in the list of suggestions

If you don't find any match, type your term and click on return to create a new one. Other contributors will be able to use it in new records.

create a new term

You can always remove values by clicking on the X.

Suggestions are retrieved on-the-fly. The search starts on keyup (after few milliseconds) and can take few seconds if the connection is unstable (so be patient!). Secondly, results may reload slowly, meaning that refinements of the search might take time. If no relevant results are found at the first attempt, please try to remove the last character and re-type it. Lastly, when looking for two or more words (e.g. people names, place names, types of objects) be aware that you may have to try several combinations of words (e.g. firstname+lastname rather than lastname+firstname).