Paolo Bufalini's

A semantic digital scholarly edition of Paolo Bufalini's notebook, Appunti 1981-1991, aimed to enhance the complex network of intratextual and intertextual relations which characterizes the notebook.

The author

Paolo Bufalini

Paolo Bufalini (Rome, 1915-2001), Italian politician and partisan, was one of the protagonists of post-WWII politics in Italy. Graduated in law, he held leading positions in the Italian Communist Party (PCI) besides being a member of the Parliament and of the Senate of the Republic uninterruptedly from 1963 to 1992. Alongside politics, Bufalini cultivated his interest in classics, and especially Latin literature, becoming a renowned translator of Horace's poetry.

The work

Paolo Bufalini's Notebook: Appunti 1981–1991

The private notebook, which Bufalini titled Appunti 1981–1991 (transl. Notes 1981–1991), contains textual excerpts from Latin, Italian and European literature gathered over ten years of political and intellectual life, and accompanied by translations and comments.
The notebook features 145 pages and two loose sheets.

The semantic digital scholarly edition of Paolo Bufalini's notebook

The semantic digital scholarly edition of Paolo Bufalini's notebook is a project of the Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies (FICLIT) and of the Digital Humanities Advanced Research Centre (/DH.ARC) of the University of Bologna.
The primary aims of the edition are to identify, analyse and enhance the intratextual and extratextual relations – otherwise implicit, given the private nature of the notebook – which characterize the texts of the Appunti. The results are presented as a knowledge graph where nodes represent the entities of the edition (quotes, comments, translations, authors, works, persons, places, etc.) and arcs represent different types of relations between such entities. The graph is formalized using Semantic Web and Linked Open Data (LOD) technologies: from a network of documents, the edition becomes a network of entities which are univocally identified by means of URIs and interconnected through typed links, which are also identified by means of URIs.

Guide to the application tools

Digital Edition

From Digital Edition, users can view the transcription and the facsimiles of Paolo Bufalini's notebook. In addition, they can also search for relations between persons, works, quoted texts, translations, comments.

Semantic Indexes

The edition is enriched by semantic indexes which users can consult in the form of traditional lists or as graphical visualizations.

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